Sara Voorhees

Sara Voorhees has lived along the spine of the Rocky Mountains all her life. She was born on the Wind River Indian Reservation in Wyoming, grew up in Denver, and lived for two years on the Navajo reservation before setting up house in Corrales, New Mexico, where she and her husband have raised two children, several dogs and cats, and eleven peacocks.

She fell in love with movies watching Lady and the Tramp in a dark theater when she was seven years old. It was there that she discovered buttered popcorn as her major source of nutrition.

Shortly after that, she learned to speak French at a boarding school in Switzerland, she finished college at the Université de Poitiers in Tours and has taught French in high school, been a translator for the Consulat de France in Los Angeles, trained simulated patients as a tool for medical school education, acted on the stage, and reviewed movies on television and in print for 25 years. She is the membership director for the Broadcast Film Critics’ Association and serves on the board of directors of the Action Coalition for Media Education.

The Lumière Affair is her first novel.