Sara Voorhees

a novel of Cannes

By Sara Voorhees
Simon and Schuster
May 8, 2007

Set against the dazzling background of the Cannes Film Festival, The Lumière Affair is a tender, funny, sexy story of one woman’s journey to find the missing puzzle pieces of her past.

“THE LUMIÈRE AFFAIR is terrific. Lively, several ways smart, with an adorable protagonist, a wonderful emotional perceptiveness, always alive in a headlong way that made me put everything else aside once I started it. Sara Voorhees brought me back to the Cannes Film Festival in all its silly, overpitched detail. This book reads like the wind, flies off the page and never lets down.”
—Jay Carr, film critic for The Boston Globe and Host of NECN TV's The Screening Room

“THE LUMIÈRE AFFAIR” is a treat for readers who love movies, for movie fans who love mysteries, and for all of us who have struggled to solve the puzzles of our own childhoods. A captivating book.”
—Alicia Erian, author of Towelhead

“THE LUMIÈRE AFFAIR is a splendid mystery—a tangled tale of family and fame that stretches from the high desert of New Mexico to the absurd and sublime world of the Cannes Film Festival. Whether it’s secrets or film stars, film critic Sara Voorhees knows of what she writes. This is a juicy read that touches the heart, and a story exceptionally well-told.”
—Tony Hillerman, Author of The Shape Shifter