a novel of Cannes

By Sara Voorhees
Simon and Schuster
May 8, 2007

Sara Voorhees

Los Angeles movie journalist Natalie Conwaythe star of Sara Voorhees debut novel THE LUMIERE AFFAIR should be thrilled at the prospect of covering the Cannes Film Festival. But 31 year old Nattie is weary of the superficial celebrity circuit and loath to return to France the scene of an accident that killed her mother when Nattie was just a child. Nonetheless, she is unattached, unsettled, and unable to commit to anything, and a house full of unpaid bills leaves her with no choice but to accept the assignment.

At Cannes, Nattie is caught up in the whirlwind of endless film screenings, press luncheons, and deadlines, not to mention the carnival-like atmosphere of the topless beaches. As the festival progresses, she finds herself drawn to Jacques Vidanne, a reclusive Corsican filmmaker who seems to know a lot about her, and who the deeper she digs seems to have a strange link to her past. In an unwitting journey of self-discovery, Nattie learns she is stronger than she ever imagined, and that perhaps there is love for her after all.

A mystery and love story with a big dose of Silver Screen glamour, THE LUMIERE AFFAIR is a clever and heart-warming account of one womans quest to reconcile the past and embrace the future.